Scenes From A State Fair #3

Another Monday another round of images. Things have been keeping me busy and these posts are a nice opportunity to slow down and reflect a bit. More images from my recent visit to the Washington State Fair. I don’t know if I mentioned but there were lots of other photographers present. Some were obviously using […]

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Scenes From A State Fair #2

Another set of images from the Washington State Fair. The similarities between this type of photography and street photography lie in the necessity of being constantly aware of your surroundings. Things are always happening with such rapidity that if you are not aware and present, always observing, you will see the shot just a second […]

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Scenes From A State Fair #1

The Washington State Fair, known colloquially as the Puyallup Fair, is an annual event in the state of Washington and one of the largest state fairs in the nation. Traditionally, school-aged children are permitted a ticket or two to gain free entrance to the fair where they can ride any number of dizziness-inducing rides, and […]

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Scenes From A Public Market

Pike Place Market is one of the go-to destinations for visitors to Seattle, WA. Everything can be found within its stalls from fresh seafood, flowers of every variety, to hand-crafted jewelry and other art. It is one of the most popular spots in the city and on any given day about a quarter of the […]

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Photo: “Street Gear”

95/365 I don’t talk much on gear because there’s really only one simple formula for gear; the best you can afford to take the kind of pictures you want to take. The old wisdom is best and gear will not make you a better photographer. The act and practice of making photographs, coupled with a […]

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