Raspberries No. 2

Adding a bit more of a human element to some more photographs of raspberries. I do like the detail captured and tonal rendition in these images. Once again RawTherapee comes through in processing files from Fujifilm’s X-Trans sensor in exactly the way I want. RASPBERRIES No. 2 NEXT: TREELINES

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Tulip: Intimate #3

The final image of this series. I admit to enjoying flower photography for several reasons. Not least among the reasons I enjoy flower photography is that I am able to slow down and really look at the subject. Considering different angles, allowing the shapes of the flower’s structure to inform my decisions is almost meditative.

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Tulip: Intimate #2

The second of three images featuring the humble tulip. As you can tell from this post and the previous one it’s all about detail and intimate consideration of the subject. Print Available

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Leaf Study…an ongoing series

Another image from the Leaf Study series. I’m not yet offering prints from this series as it is a body of work that is far from completion. I currently have no idea when it will be finished or just how much scope the project will have. Eventually I’ll reach a point where I will feel […]

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