Tulips – Flower Photography

  There are a few flowers I really enjoy photographing. Lilies, tulips, and rhododendrons are counted among that number. As a common photographic subject, flowers are appreciated for their variety of form, intricacy, and emotional connection. Few people don’t have some level of appreciation for flowers. It’s no wonder that flower photography is such a […]

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Sakura (2017)

The cherry blossom tree that I photograph every year made an early bloom. I was fortunately quick off the mark because it really didn’t last long. What is it about cherry blossoms? They are not the biggest nor the most robust of blooms. I think it has something to do both with their delicacy and […]

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Fading Flowers No. 1

I’m currently splitting my time between the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X-T2 in the ongoing journey to mastery of each camera. My experience of the X-T2 is most pertinent to this post. Being closer in design to a modern digital SLR, in contrast to the X-Pro2’s rangefinder design, makes it very familiar with my having mostly […]

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Tulip: Intimate #3

The final image of this series. I admit to enjoying flower photography for several reasons. Not least among the reasons I enjoy flower photography is that I am able to slow down and really look at the subject. Considering different angles, allowing the shapes of the flower’s structure to inform my decisions is almost meditative.

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Tulip: Intimate #2

The second of three images featuring the humble tulip. As you can tell from this post and the previous one it’s all about detail and intimate consideration of the subject. Print Available

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Tulip: Intimate #1

Flowers. It always seems to come back to the place flowers hold in our collective artistic subconscious. It is a well-deserved place of course; the flower is a triumph of nature. Flowers can be beautiful, fragrant, or unsettling (consider Amorphophallus titanum, commonly called the corpse flower). Photographically they may be a trope, but therein lies the […]

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