Black & White Portraits

The portrait is fairly central to the idea of photography itself. It didn’t take long for the early photographic pioneers to turn their lenses toward their fellow men and woman in an attempt to capture something of the essential nature of the human spirit. In any portrait, the goal is to form a connection between […]

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Seascapes & Fishermen (new prints)

My personal affinity has never been particularly geared toward landscapes (or seascapes). It has only been in the last year or so that I have turned my lens toward the subject, and when I do it is for the black and white landscape. This is largely because I think the appeal of black and white photography is […]

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Palm Trees

Of course palm trees were ubiquitous in Kona. I made some effort not to spend a lot of time photographing them or risk cliché, but they are striking enough that once or twice I just had to. These are the results.

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Seascapes et. al. (new prints)

My trip to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago was fulfilling on many levels, not the least of which was photographic. I am well-pleased with the short series of photos I made during that stay and will be sharing them here for the next little while. Many of them will also be available as prints […]

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