Once or twice a year I do like to overhaul all of the places where you can find my photography on the internet and attempt to provide a cohesive experience.

I currently have four main sites that are dedicated to my photography and over the last day or two I’ve brought them all in line so that visitors can get a sense of. I’ve opted for backgrounds that should serve to better showcase black and white photography, which I produce a lot of, and using accent colors that are similar across all sites.


The site this post is currently appearing on. My main purpose for this site is as a showcase for my work, my thoughts on photography, and open source software for photography. Mostly new work appears and there are links to where prints can be purchased. Link here.




My artspan site located here is the resource that focuses on my fine art photography and enables viewers to purchase prints of their own. The majority of the work here is “artsy” and includes fine art nudes. It’s a simple design that focuses on the work and prints and is very distinct from the blog. Anyone only intersested in buying photography can come here and not be distracted by the blog. Link here.



Tumblr works as a showcase as well, but without the written content of the blog. Also, there is a greater range of older work mixed with new. Link here.


Other Considerations

Like most people who make photographs and use the internet I have other places I hang out on the ‘net.

Fine Art America

Fine Art America is a print-on-demand portal that is quite popular and well known. I have a collection of images here that can be purchased for prints as well. It features different images than can be found at the Artspan site. Link here.