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Broken Window

Broken Window - March 2015
Broken Window – March 2015


Where does the appeal in things abandoned and left to decay come? Is it because we strive so hard as a society and as individuals to instill order into an existence that is inherently chaotic? Does this make abandoned buildings, derelict hospitals, car graveyards and the like seductive in the truth of their inevitability. Entropy endures even on a cellular level, and we can forestall it but not escape it.

I personally don’t find anything disheartening in this. Life is a process and even though it has ends, the thread continues. Where this picture was taken there were once three structures. When new they served their purpose probably for years. As need and circumstance changed they fell to disuse. They are popular with photographers for engagement photos. On this most recent visit one has been demolished, it’s stone and timbers gathered into a heap and cordoned off. It was about time as it was ramshackle and likely near collapse on its own. If nothing else is built in place of it then nature will reclaim the space. It is all a process.