Barn #1

Barn #1

Barn #2

Barn #2

Barn #3

Barn #3


As mentioned previously I’ve been focusing more on other parts of my photography. I love blogging and other online pursuits, but there is something more satisfying about putting prints in people’s hands.

I’ve written before about why I feel prints are important. Not just because they put money in an artists pocket, but because all our digital images are ephemeral. Each of us is so inundated with the an explosion of images that it all runs together. It can be sensory overload. Images that resonate, that really speak to us, in my opinion need to be preserved in some other way than a hyperlink or a jpg on a hard drive that will some day soon be unreadable as technology marches on.

Prints are not eternal. However, they do have a longevity that can last a lifetime. I make prints of my own work for myself all the time. Partially because I use them to aid my memories of my experiences, footnotes to the passage of my days.

Then again, sometimes I just take pictures of barns. All currents in the same river.

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7 thoughts on “Barns

  1. Merilee says:

    I totally agree with you. The few photos of mine that I have printed and hung in my home are precious to me. Because they somehow are “real”, whereas the others I have to see on my computer or phone. I also like to rotate the printed ones. When my eye ceases to be entertained with an image, I replace it with one that does 😉

  2. Jessica Ryan says:

    Yes. There is something essential in the physicality of the object that is lost in the ephemeral and potentially soon to be unreadable digital image.

    • D. Manny says:

      I am completely in love with the accessibility of image-making to everyone, at broad social and economic levels the world over, and saddened at the prospect that the majority of these images that document who we are and how we live will be lost before children today even reach their teens. Or worse, the narrative of the age will be left to commercial concerns who will tell a tale favoring their own agendas. There must be a solution for this.

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