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Photo: “Lost Sock”

Lost Sock - October 2014
Lost Sock – October 2014


Therein lies a tale.

The loss of a sock is a universal wherever socks are worn. Give a person anywhere in the world a pair of socks and eventually one will be lost.

The interesting thing here, what piqued my interest is that the story begins not with the loss of the sock but with the hanging of it on the branch. Did the hanger perceive themselves as rescuing the article? And once rescued but at a loss as to how to return the item did they light, in a brilliant flash, on the idea of hanging the sock here as omen and portend, a signpost for the wayward owner?

Why yes, I do have a lot of free time. Why do you ask?


3 thoughts on “Photo: “Lost Sock””

  1. In my wanderings, I don’t see many ‘rescued socks’ – plenty of gloves and mittens and every so often a pair of knickers.

    Perhaps the hanging is as a warning to other sock/glove/mitten wearers – look after your things!

    (As to lost knickers…… )


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