Photo: “A Flash of Inspiration”

A Flash of Inspiration - September 2014
A Flash of Inspiration – September 2014

I’m a huge proponent of natural light. I absolutely love the look of natural light portraiture. Despite owning plenty of lighting gear, if the opportunity presents itself it’s au naturel all the way. Sometimes to my own detriment. Recently in conversation with a newly-minted photo enthusiast the topic of off-camera flashes came up. This got me thinking about my three dust-caked units that I haven’t used for… a while (much like my studio lighting), to my chagrin. So that was the impetus for my recent lighting experimentation. Lighting with simple flash units is a skill that falls firmly in the “use it or lose it” category. Even in the portrait below I played it safe and used E-TTL I’m happy with the result, mostly.