Photo: “Pipe Wrench”

Pipe Wrench - August 2014
Pipe Wrench – August 2014


In light of some of my other endeavors providing information and tutorials on open source photography software I have been exploring programs such as Photivo for the processing of RAW files from digital cameras. Photivo is an image editor with a unique approach to its UI (user interface). New users will likely have a period of adjustment coming from other editors. The layout is a bit leaner than many editors, with tools arranged by tabs on the left-hand side. Let me make it clear, however, that the images produced have a superb image quality that can make learning the ins-and-outs of Photivo worth it.

Photivo screenshot
Photivo screen-shot

Photivo is operating system agnostic so available for Linux, Mac, and MS Windows. This is early days for me with Photivo and while I’m not ready to pronounce it as my new RAW editor I can recommend it as a contender for anyone coming into the open source photography arena. With options like Darktable (Linux/OS X/Free BSD/Solaris), Digikam (Linux), Lightzone (Linux/OS X/Windows), Rawtherapee (Linux/OS X/Windows), and Ufraw (Linux/OS X/Windows) there is something to suit every type of workflow style.