Photo: “Reliance”

Reliance #1 - June 2014
Reliance #1 – June 2014
Reliance #2 - June 2014
Reliance #2 – June 2014


There are times I resent my reliance on this fairly simple bit of technology. It’s the knowledge that without them my photographic work is hindered considerably, I suppose.

Probably why I’m drawn to photograph them from time to time.


  1. I didn’t wear my glasses in my last year of college because they broke and I had not spare money to go back to the optician. I completed my course using the marks on my manual lens using my knowledge of depth of field and some good judgements of distance.


    1. I am near sighted I can see clearly for about 50cm and then it all becomes a fuzzy mess. Although I hid it until I was 15 by sitting right at the front of classrooms to get by.


  2. Our hobby has a temporary fix if you lose/break your glasses – take two small pieces of black card, piercing a pinhole through each, one for each eye and away you go.
    (I’ve found holes in biscuits to be as effective – but you look even more….crackers!)


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