Photo: “Accessories”

Accessories - March 2014
Accessories – March 2014


Currently I’m planning to get in some street photography using the Holga 135 BC and the Fuji X10. I’m giving great thought as to what film I wish to run through the Holga. One the one hand I consider black and white to be my milieu. But I’m currently out of chemistry which could delay development. Kodak BW400CN has never really appealed but could do in a pinch. On the other hand I have a newfound appreciation for Portra 160 NC (Natural Colors), but it may be nostalgia for the old emulsion. Decisions, decisions.

At any rate I’m decided on shooting with both cameras which will take different mindsets for shooting. The X10 is something I’ve become very familiar with and shoot with every day. There was a time that I enjoyed that kind of relationship with the Holga and I’m curious to see if it will be like coming home. The Tele-lens pictured above will allow me to get a bit more intimate with the Holga, but it’s not something I’ll just leave on the camera.

Looking forward to getting a lot more street work in this year.