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Photo: “Drying Line”

Drying Line - February 2014
Drying Line – February 2014


If your experience with photography ever included the physical darkroom this image may have special connotations for you. This is a very basic piece of darkroom equipment for the drying of prints after they’ve come out of wash. There is something very satisfying about watching as the tones in a silver-halide black and white print are realized as it dries. I don’t shoot film nearly as much as I should these days, but there are times when the allure of the darkroom waxes and I start making sure equipment is in order and seeing what film I happen to have lying around. Actually came a cross a couple of (expired) rolls of Kodak Plus-X that may need to be loaded up into the Holga 135 for a day of causal shooting.


2 thoughts on “Photo: “Drying Line””

  1. The thought of spending hours in the darkroom again is a romantic idea quickly quashed when the smells of the chemicals comes to mind! Great image!


    1. Judy, you’re spot-on that the realities of those times due tend to override the nostalgia. But where would we be without the occasional romantic notion? Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.


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