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Photo: “Justice, Like Lightning”

Justice, Like Lightning - January 2014
Justice, Like Lightning – January 2014


This is the Flash (Silver Age), forensic scientist Barry Allen. The Fastest Man Alive. As superheroes go he may not be one of the most recognizable, despite having had a brief live-action television series in 1990 starring John Wesley Shipp and a new series on the horizon, but he is one that really does capture the imagination.

The main power the Flash possesses is the ability to move at super-speed, achieving faster-than-light speeds in some iterations. Like many superheroes he comes from a place of tragedy; his mother was the victim of a murder that was never solved, leading him to take up a career in forensic science. The accident which gave him his powers occurs much later. He is part of a legacy of speedsters referred to as the Flash Family including his predecessor Jay Garrick (the Golden Age Flash), his sidekick Wally West (Kid Flash/The Flash) who takes up his mantle after his (comic book) death, his grandson Bart Allen (Impulse/Kid Flash/The Flash), and a host of other speedsters.