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Photo: “Exhaust”, “The Veteran #1 & #2”

The Veteran #2 - January 2014
The Veteran #2 – January 2014
The Veteran #1 - January 2014
The Veteran #1 – January 2014
Exhaust - January 2014
Exhaust – January 2014


“The Veteran” in this instance is my hard-used Panasonic DMC-LX5. It is definitely a worn and tested piece of equipment that at one point I thought had given up the ghost. Which was one of the reasons I acquired the Fujifilm X10 (which I have nicknamed “Henri”). However, like a phoenix from the ashes the LX5 seems to have found a renewed vigor. I find myself carrying one or the other in my day to day wanderings, dSLR’s being inconvenient in many instances. The LX5 generally does its duty when size is a consideration above all. It fits easily in most coat and, more importantly, shirt pockets. And being ostensibly a point-and-shoot it garners very little attention. Its use is not without some caveats; there is dirt on the lens that is fortunately less apparent wide open. Repair for that would get me most of the way toward the LX7.

Pocketable cameras are a joy. Having the ability to quickly and unobtrusively document the world around me photographically is central to my lifestyle at this point. Those Canons must be feeling a little neglected.

All photos in this post were taken with the X10. It was Henri’s turn at bat.


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